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Paint Color to Match Green Oxidized Copper

Is there a paint color available that will match the color of my green oxidized copper downspouts and gutters. I need to replace a small portion of my gutters and downspouts and do not want to order very expensive copper and do not want to replace all of the downspouts. I would like to purchase steel components and paint them to match the green that is on the rest of the house.


Match of Sico™ 4132-63 Oxidized Copper * Match of Sico™ 4132-63 Oxidized Copper *

I'd be happy to suggest a few colors for you to test. The key is going to be matching the color outside on your existing copper downspouts, as everything oxidizes a little differently. Once you try the colors to find the perfect green, be sure to check out MyPerfectColor's custom spray paint, which might be the best solution for painting the steel, and perhaps primer if necessary.

Many faux paint finishers use layers of color to achieve that oxidized look, but once you test the colors, you will know if it will require more than one color.

Here are a few greens that may match your oxidized copper color:

Benjamin Moore Harrisburg Green HC- 132

Benjamin Moore Southfield Green HC-129

Benjamin Moore Clearspring Green HC-128

If you have photos of your current downspouts, I'd be happy to take a look at them, to see if I can offer additional suggestions.
Hope this helps!

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