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color to go with shingles

hi my house has shasta white shingles that have a lot of gray. Should i try to stay in the blue tones for new trim and base colors or treat the roof like it was neutral. i live in a Phoenix ranch style.

Hi Kathy!
I'm uploading a photo of the shingles to make sure I'm on the right track....just let me know if I am not! Assuming so, I would consider the roof a neutral. You can pretty much pick any color to work along with this roofing material.

All you need to remember is to pick colors with a cooler, gray undertone. So if you decide to do the front door red, pick a red that has more gray base (cooler color) than brown (warmer color)....I hope that makes sense?

If you'd like, upload a photo of your house and I can help you pick a few color schemes that might work. You just click on the 'Add Images' tab under the comment box and choose which photos to upload. That is the best way for me to help with exact colors.


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I'm not the original poster. But, I am looking for colors that look better with my new Shasta White shingles. The photo doesn't capture it very well, but I think the cream colored siding and garage door look awful with the gray roof.

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