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My family room opens to living room. It is painted shaker beige. I need a gray toned complement color to go with shaker.

Hi Janice,
I love the Shaker Beige color - a great neutral that can go along with many other colors. You pose an interesting to pick a gray that will work with a beige??
I'm curious to know what other colors are present in your living room? A great place to start when looking for a new wall color is to look at the furnishings, art, textiles that you'll be using in the room too.
So before I go out on a limb and choose a random gray color, shoot over some details of the room. I want to make sure you have the proper gray color so that your room will sparkle!

The house is empty so I have only ideas.

Perfect! Gotta love a clean palette to work with, right?! :)
Grays come in many shades, most with an undertone of another color. Take a look at Cloudy Sky (2122-30) for a sultry look....this has a blue undertone. Or try Feather Gray (2127-60) for a lighter look with an ever so slight purple cast. Horizon Gray (2141-50) has a slight green cast. The list goes on and on, but this should give you some initial ideas.
Of course you can build the entire room around the gray color that you if you go with the blue-gray Cloudy Sky, then pull in other touches of blue to give the room a cohesive feeling.
I highly recommend painting some large swatches on the walls in several different colors. Watch how the color changes throughout the day and you should get a good sense for what appeals to you.
Hope this helps you get started. Let us know if we can help as you move forward with your decor plans!
Best of luck,

What do you think of hot spring stone as a choice

The Hot Spring Stone color has a definite pink undertone which, to me, does not work as well with the warmer Shaker color. I would avoid anything with pink.

If it helps, you can always post photos of your rooms so that I can see the layout and offer more detailed recommendations. And of course we'd love to see your "before and after" photos too - just so we can brag on all your hard work!! :)

OK I do not know how to add a pic. I tried but no luck. So hot springs is the look I want, taupe gray. What color might you suggest then. Thanks so much

Bennington Gray (HC-82) is the perfect mix of a taupe/beige/gray. Or for a deeper color try Alexandria Beige (HC-77) - it has a great gray undertone. Either would work fabulously well with Shaker Beige.

Just an FYI re: can click the 'Add Images' link just below the comment box which will take you into your computer directory. From there, find the folder containing your photos. Once the folder is opened, you should be able to double click on the photo to upload and it will appear underneath your post. Hope that helps! :)

i did send three pics. also I was looking at revere pewter, You are so helpful.

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