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Kitchen color

Please help me choose the right color combination. I am having a really difficult time!

Hi, thanks for including photos in your questions -- that really helps a lot! It's a lovely kitchen area, with lots of great possibilities for color. As I understand your question, you are looking for a wall color to complement your cabinets, counters, and floors. I have a few questions to help us narrow down your choices. You can simply reply to my comment, and I can follow up with you.

Would you like two separate colors for the dining area and kitchen walls? Or are you hoping to find a unifying color for both areas? Do you prefer warm or cool colors (yellows and reds vs. blues and greens,) or are you open to any colors? And do you hope to address any issues with the room, using color, to make it brighter, darker, larger, more dramatic?

I would be happy to suggest colors for you to test, so you can find just the right look! -Diana Timmons

Thank you for such a quick response. I lean more towards warm earthy tones. I also was thinking about two separate colors (does not have to be) not sure which way would work best. I do prefer warmer colors, but I am open to any ideas you may have. My home is very modern and I love decorating. I like to have the "wow" factor when people enter my home for the first time, and this kitchen is the usual point of entry for most visitors. I would love to be able to change the countertops; however, my husband wants to one day knock down walls etc and thinks right now I should work with paint

Hi, thanks for the additional info. Glad to hear that you're going for that "wow" factor -- sounds like you're not afraid of color! Here are some ideas for colors to test in your space. Any of these colors can be used in both areas, or combined to your taste. Because your cabinets are light, I stayed away from light neutrals and beige. All of these colors are from Benjamin Moore's Affinity collection (the Affinity collection is wonderful group of modern colors.)

Warmed Cognac AF-235; Rustique AF-275; Satchel AF-340;
Citrine AF-370; Anjou Pear AF-425; Atmospheric AF-500; Rattan AF-375

Hope this helps! -Diana

After thinking long and hard and looking at different colors, I think I have decided to go with Rustique on the kitchen walls and Citrine in the eating nook. I think its going to look really warm and rich. One more favor please, what color trim should I use. And also ceiling color. You have no idea how much help you have been to me! Thanks again

Thanks, I'm so glad to hear that I've been helpful! Love your choices. Once you test them, you'll have a great idea of how they look in there. For trim, I'd go with a nice white, and the same for the ceiling. With the richer colors it will keep things open, and flow from the other rooms nearby. I think I see blinds in your window, so you'll want to test the whites I suggest, to see how they work together. Here are some white colors that could like nice with your color choices (All Benjamin Moore:) Simply White OC-117; Cloud White OC-130; and Powder Silk OC-113. White paint colors can vary so much based on the lighting in the room, etc., but these colors should get you started in choosing.

Please come back and post pics for us, so we can see how things turned out!

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