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basement color

I want to paint my basement walls
a beige -
I LOVE the way Black Doors look right now and want to find a color that compliments that as well as my "woodlike" floor which is a warm brown with rosy tones in it/
I am not sure which way to go- Tan , , warm or cool?
I want it to feel cozy but classic and somewhat rustic in feel
Any thoughts on a color?

I love the look of black and beige together, too. It's a classic look. Because your floor has a "rosy" tone in it, you'll want a neutral paint color that isn't too gray or yellow. I have some suggestions for you, so that you can choose paints to test on your wall. You'll really want to test the colors, as it's important to see how it works with the floor, as the light in your basement may also affect the wall color.

Here are some ideas to get you started: Benjamin Moore affinity colors Flawless AF-320; or Harmony AF-90. Also Benjamin Moore Bleeker Beige HC-80; Shaker Beige HC-45; and Yosemite Sand AC-4

Best of luck, please feel free to reply to my comment if you have more questions. -Diana

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