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Authentic Color - Benjamin Moore colors can only be made in Benjamin Moore paint.

MyPerfectColor makes all colors using authentic Benjamin Moore paint.

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Blue Gray

I'm looking for a blue-gray that is not too green and not too purple...something in the middle. Any suggestions?

It depends how dark but, Benjamin Moore wythe blue hc-143 is a nice gray blue.
May I ask what room this is for?

I've seen this color recommended on other sites and I have plans to check it out. This will be for my family room. I am looking for a mid-range...not too dark but not too light either. I want it to work as a neutral backdrop for more colorful artwork, accessories, etc. Thanks so much for the suggestion!

I've bought samples of both beacon gray and feather gray and they appear too blue in my light. I went to Sherwin Williams and they mixed a custom color for me that looks great. I hope I still think so when it goes up on my walls tomorrow. Thanks for your suggestions!

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