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Water Damage Need Color Help!

I have water damage in my house from the winter and have to get some paint!!!

So, I currently have BM Richmond Gray in my entry hall (2 story) -- which leads back to a family room also in BM Richmond Gray. It's a beautiful color - -- but a bit darker than works - - - my hall is light - my family room is north side. I tried a bit of BM Abbingdon Putty - - which does show as much lighter, even though it doesn't look it.

I also have 2 other rooms, kitchen and sitting area that need to coordinate with whatever color I pick.

Bottom line - - - - have you seen a lot of Abbingdon Putty? What works well with it? Maybe montgomery white?

Or, I'm open to switching it up and going for a very earthy goldish (but more earthy than gold) -- - that would brighten all areas.

Any suggestions for a neutral, lively, bold, calm, all over color -- - or 2 colors to use together?

Check out color combinations-

Also, you can get Abington putty 50% lighter on myperfectcolor. When you go to a color if you click on it it will ask you if you want to buy paint, select yes and look for the "want it lighter or darker". This allows you to change the percentages of the color depth. Give that a shot. If you are looking for a tone that has more gold in it to get a warmer righter tone try muslin also by Benjamin Moore

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