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Will Palladian blue work well with Brookside Moss , and will Pale Smoke work well also with Brookside Moss. my furniture is cream and my bedding is gray black and white .

I'm feeling Pale smoke more then Palladian blue. What are you doing with project. Can You me a little more


Hello Dana - My living room is Brookside Moss I just recently painted my kitchen and bedroom Soft Fern by BM these colors are not working for me . I want to repaint my kitchen which is next to my living room that painted Brookside Moss then ...go upstairs and paint my bedrooms another color either the Palladiian Blue or Pale Smoke . My bedding in my bedroom is deep gray black and white. Question can I use the Pale Smoke next to Brookside Moss and still paint the upstair level Palladian Blue but still have some sence of contrast.

Also forgot going to repaint my foyer and upstairs hallway so if Pale Smoke works well with Brookeside moss should my hallway and foyer be Pale Smoke and What color for trim and ceiling .

Once i repaint we will be looking for flooring through out the home and by the way my furniture is beige and my blinds are wood creme color.

I would match the blinds with a cream trim and use the same color on the ceiling

So question since Pale Smoke will work better with Brookside Moss. Can I still use Palladiam Blue for the upstairs bed rooms ? And should i do the foyer and upstairs hall ways the Pale Smoke.? Thak you so much

It is a bit of a challenge to see the colors on a computer monitor as opposed to the actual paint on your wall with your lighting. Color is influenced by light. The best example I can give you is the ocean is blue on a sunny day day and greyed out on a cloudy day. My suggestion is to buy the sample cans from myperfectcolor and test them on some small foam board. It is best to test on boards because ethen you move the colors around the room. It also makes testing very difficult when you put colors next to each other for comparison purposes because one color can influence another color.

- dana

Thank you I purchase some sample paints from my local Hardware store that carry bm paints and smple boards also . And the moving the boards around during different times of the day really help alot. But comparied to the price I will again be purchasing my paints from myperfectcolor. The Pale smoke in my foyer during the daytime and even last night like the look The Palladiam blue will be the bedroom colors.

That is great. Let me know how it turns out. Better yet post some pictures when it is done so I can see for myself :-)


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