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living room....

I have an open floor plan with kitchen, living room, etc. I am wanting to use a deep red in my living room, and I'm not sure what would be a good color to transnation over to the kitchen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You've not mentioned what primary color your kitchen is :) Either way, some times a stark contrast is great, as long as the colors compliment each other, but if you're wanting to "TRANSITION", is the kitchen is the same color family?

Currently the kitchen is blah white. Cupboards and floor are a medium wood. Thank you

If you're speaking of changing the color in the KITCHEN, that's one thing, but what could be an easier "fix" is to simply incorporate that deep red into your kitchen by way of accessories. By the way, it wouldn't have to be the same color, but different shades of red

White (as you have it currently) is safe, but as you state, it's blah :) Consider your window treatments to have the red follow into your kitchen...a toaster, mixer, cabinet knobs, placemats on the table, wall art, floral arrangement, etc...

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