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Large ceiling color

I am painting our bedroom walls HC 170 Stonington Gray. It is a large square room with a decent amount of light. I really try to stay away from white ceilings. The ceiling in the room is currently decorators white but it looks soooooo large and uninterested and actually feels like it is falling into the room. I would love some recommendations for a great paint color for this ceiling. Thanks so much!

With colored ceilings a great option is to use a Lighter, or darker, version of the color. For example, when you order a sample, you can request HC-170 Stonington Gray 75% lighter. This way you avoid any issues with matching and you have a more interesting color on your ceiling. Many decorators including myself use this tip and it works wonderfully.
Other wise some nice colors would be Mayonnaise 2152-70 or Vanilla Ice Cream OC-90 or light blue like the sky(opens up rooms) e.g. Silver Cloud 2129-70. Most important... make sure you love it!

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