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How to brighten up paint color

I like BM color Seattle Gray, however, it is just a bit drab and I want to brighten the color up a bit. Will manually adding white paint have the same effect as having the paint percentages be adjusted to 50%?

Hi macro,

Adding white will LIGHTEN the color. Cutting the formula by 50% could yeild a similar result — or not. Skilled colorists can make pretty good predictions about what's going to happen to the color, i.e. adding white or cutting the formula. However, you really can't know for sure until you do it, dry out a draw-down card and take a look at the resulting color.

You used the word "brighten" and that caught my eye. "Brigtness" of a color has a lot to do with how you are personally PERCEIVING the color.

If you were standing at the chip rack with me looking at the various gray paint colors, I would be pulling chips that - I felt - were more *complex* in character.

Because it's gray we're talking about. And arguably, "gray" is not atypically categorized as a"bright" color. But it can indeed be more complex and therefore a complex gray could likely *feel* less drab to you.

Good luck!

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