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Latte paint to match comforter set

Jyst purchased jc penny Athena comforter set. Stripe in pillow and braiding match the wall color in the pic. Looks like your Latte color. Is it a light cocoa or mocha?

this is the wall color in the JC penney ad. looking for suggestions as to what the color in in the ad might be? Sherwin Williams Latte? thanks

correction. the pic should be here now. sorry

Hi Grazoo - did you upload a pic to this post? if so it is missing. Please let us know so we can see if there is a problem with the website. thanks!

Tried several times from my iPad and regular laptop. I don't know why it wont upload. Chances Are it's not you...Its me. Maybe I can cut and paste in this section will try again. THANK YOU

I added images, its says "uploaded" yet, it isn't there?

sorry just wont work or upload

Grazoo, once you have uploaded the image, you must hit "Comment" otherwise the image would not be really uploaded to the website. Please let us know if you still have problem.

hopefullly the picture with the wall color is here. thanks.

Here is the picture with the bed

I still don't see it. I followed your instructions. oh well, I give up and will try the above suggested color.

oh it finally worked. thank u.

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