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Barcelona Brown

This paint shows up in a search, but when I list all Sears brown, it does not show up. Why is that? I am looking for the equivalent of Sears which has paint number WPL 5640 written on the lid

Match of Sears™  Barcelona Brown * Match of Sears™ Barcelona Brown *

Hmm. I dunno why or how it's showing up in searches. The current Sears Easy Living color collection has four browns: Chocolate, Chocolatte, Dark Chocolate and Tree Trunk.

If you have the original can of paint and you are looking for a match, it would probably be best to take the whole shebang to your local professional paint store and let them help you. They can always do a draw-down and a color match. A draw-down is when they paint two coats on something like an index card, dry it and then use that as a reference for color matching an mixing new gallons.

Great to See Funcolors on myperfectcolor. Very Exciting

Oh shucks, dana8, thank you! I'm pleased to be here and looking forward to helping the MPC online community with their paint questions and/or color design challenges.

I'll try to check in every day or at least several times a week. So, if anybody is looking for me, I'll show up eventually.

Back when I was selling Sears paints, this was never an Easy Living color; it was only offered in Weatherbeater for outdoor applications.

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