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Authentic Color - Benjamin Moore colors can only be made in Benjamin Moore paint.

MyPerfectColor makes all colors using authentic Benjamin Moore paint.

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Mobile home with green carpet. Can't afford to replace carpet yet. Beige walls..need some oomph! Color suggestions?

Hello! The last house I purchased also had green carpet, so I know the challenges of picking a paint color until you can replace the carpet. The green carpet does complicate your choices in paint, not only because of the color on the floor, but the reflection it puts onto any color you choose.

I'm going to suggest a few fun neutrals that should play well with the green carpeting, and give you more oomph! :) Because the carpet is such a big factor in there, be sure to test paint colors for a few days to see how the light affects them together, because paint colors can appear different in every home.

These colors are kind of pumped-up neutrals, with an undertone that will provide more interest than a standard beige. Feel free to reply to my comment if you have another type of color in mind, or need more suggestions.

Here are paint colors to consider: Bronzed Beige Benjamin Moore 2151-50; Linen Sand 2151-60; Golden Straw 2152-50; and Rich Cream 2153-60.

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On-screen colors are digital representations and will vary from actual paint colors.