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Hello I need help I so glad for sample paints . I was going to paint Limesickle in my foyer but not in love with the color I need a suggestion on a color please. My living room is Brookside Moss by BM, on my third floor I working with the following color Pale smoke ( bm) Pallidian Blue these are bedroom colors my trim and ceiling color is White Dove by BM. Please I need a color for my foyer and kitchen which is next to my living room, Something in a nice gray or I did like Warmed Congac by BM AF-235 but not sure how it will worrk with the color I working with now.

Hello! Thank you for providing so much detail. Warmed Cognac is a personal fave of mine -- it goes well with Brookside Moss, but you'll want to test it in your own home, as you'll need to consider your kitchen cabinets with whatever color you choose (I am assuming you're looking for the same color for your kitchen and foyer?) The look of Warmed Cognac and Brookside Moss is going to be cozier and more dramatic than your original idea of a gray paint color.

If you're open to a warm neutral color, I would also suggest Safari BM AF-335. This color is neutral but has a lot of depth, and looks wonderful with the Brookside Moss. Again, you'll want to consider your cabinets with this color. It's a departure from the gray you had in mind, but I always like to include a "I never thought of that" color when I do color consultations with my clients.

Here are some gray paint colors that you may want to test: Spa BM AF-435; Gray Owl BM 2137-60 and Hazy Skies OC-48. Will Pale Smoke not work in the foyer/kitchen area?

I hope this helps!

Hello Thank you for the suggestion I did consider Pale Smoke and may still go back to this color but I just wanted to see what other color idea I may have to chose from . I like Warmed Congac and will look at the other color you suggested. I want a more cozier and dramatic feel for the foyer and kitchen area. On the subject of the kitchen cabinets our plan is to paint the cabinets after I paint the kitchen . My only concern how my husband will feel about Warmed Cognac in the kitchen.

Hello, I understand the concern about Warmed Cognac -- it's gorgeous, but definitely a departure from the grays you were considering. Perhaps there is a compromise to be had with the colors. If the colors test well in your foyer and kitchen, perhaps you can still use the Warmed Cognac in the foyer, then one of the grays or neutrals in the kitchen, with Warmed Cognac as an accent. It can be used on an accent wall, on a piece of painted furniture, or even the frame of a mirror or other decorative pieces.

Hell, I was actually just thinking about using the Warmed Cognac on one wall as an accent color and either like you suggested and go with a neutral color question how would Pale Smoke look with Warmed Cognac

Great minds think alike! :) Pale Smoke and Warmed Cognac could work together, depending upon the other colors in the room (floor, etc.,) and the lighting in the room. I think a warmer neutral would look great with Warmed Cognac and Brookside Moss. The key is going to be to get samples and test those colors together in your home.

Thank you, With flooring we are going to redue the flooring thru out the entire home including the kitchen based on when I finish paintting all the rooms so my husband is just waiting from me to decide and finish it been three months and the foyer and kitchen only rooms having hard time deciding . I decided on the Warmed Cognac as an accent wall color.

I just bad when it comes to picking out neutral colors, I knw what I like but find a color to work well with another is my problem I almost would put with Warmed congnac the ceiling color that is White Dove .

But lighting is important with us putting in new floors , I have three large windows in my kitchen but we just put through out the entire home including the kitchen creme color wood blinds ..

So again thank you I have just keep thing of the color for the walls since Wamed Cognac will be an accent color for the foyer and kitchen .

So happy that I could help! Once you test the Warmed Cognac in the room, then here are a few warm neutrals that you might consider. They're just a bit warmer than White Dove and Pale Smoke. Benjamin Moore: Pale Almond OC-2; Natural Wicker OC-1; Baby Fawn OC-15. Good luck on your project!

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