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To Whom It May Concern, We purchased a gallon of Normandy Semi-Solid Stain from our local Aubuchon store recently. We were not satisfied with the color as it was more solid than we anticipated. It did not match the sample in the booklet. We took it back and were told that there was nothing they could do. Is there anything that could be added to give it a more blue/green tint? Bruce and Ruth Hudson

Unfortunately with stain there isn't much you can do. Stain is extremely difficult to tint, and once it has been mixed to a color you can't really change it. If it is too solid, one idea would be to buy a gallon of semi-transparent base (no colorant added), and mix the two together. That would keep the same shade but make it more transparent.

Stains colors are difficult. They often don't match the book because stain is part the stain, and part your wood. Ideally you would sample it first with a pint or a quart before buying gallons.

When something like that happens in our paint store we will usually provide more stain at half price to help accommodate the situation (even though we always recommend that someone sample the color first). Oftentimes Benjamin Moore will provide a credit for the stain to the paint store.

And lastly, you could try adding some tint yourself. We sell 1oz jars of tint that you could try:
choose the gennex colorants if you used arborcoat, and the non-gennex colroant if you used the oil stain.

good luck!

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