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Matching BM Squish Squash

I am looking for another color to warm up our NW dreary home interior. Looking for a warm color to match squish squash (BenM). It will be in the dining and living and will be seen next to a squish squash wall

Hello! I'm in the Pacific Northwest, and have some experience combating the 'dreary' when it comes to paint color. You don't mention what type of color you had in mind, other than warm, so I'll make a few suggestions on what might sample with Squishsquash. If the colors aren't quite what you had in mind, or you have existing furniture that you need to consider, feel free to respond to my comment, and I can suggest a few other colors for you. The suggestions below include lighter and darker colors.

Here are a few warm colors that might work adjacent to Benjamin Moore Squishsquash: Benjamin Moore Roasted Sesame Seed 2160-40; Yellow Squash 2161-50; Philadelphia Cream HC-30; and Powell Buff HC-35.

In our ranch home they omitted walls for the lv rm, din rm, kit, and fam rm, except for a floor to ceiling (vaulted) rock wall (brick on kitch side). The rock wall separates the liv rm/dine rm from the kitch/fam rm. We painted squish squash in the kitch / fam rm. I'm looking for a color that will bring warmth out of the cold rocks and be a little more sophisticated. Maybe an orange? I am not afraid of color. Painted our bedroom Chic Lime (pewter drapes).
Thank you!

That's great to hear that you're not afraid of color! In the colors I suggested, you might want to test the Roasted Sesame Seed. It has a bit of an orange to it, and is nice and warm. I'm a huge fan of orange. It's so helpful to get that extra info from you.

Here are some richer colors to consider, based on the info you've provided:
Benjamin Moore: Buttered Yam AF-230 (very nice warm orange;) Warmed Cognac AF-235 (a deeper color - a sophisticated rust.) Soft Pumpkin 2166-40; Delightful Golden 2158-30. (Am I getting closer to what you had in mind?)

You also may want to sample Benjamin Moore's Firenze AF-225. It's a beautiful, rich, orange/copper.

I'm putting Squish Squash in my kitchen and am struggling to pick a white trim. Super white, atrium white, who knows? The room doesn't get a ton of natural light and the overhead lights cast a warm glow. For what it's worth, my appliances are bisque. Thanks for your help!

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