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Painting Glass Countertop

We have been asked to supply a 3/4" glass countertop, painted Benjamin Moore 2066-10 Blue. Can you tell us:

1. How to prep glass?
2. By what method would the paint be applied?
3. How well is it likely to adhere over time?
4. Must the paint not be in contact with any other surface, to avoid paint peeling?

Thank you for your assistance.
Lance Covey, President
Blue Star Glass, Inc.

Insl-X Stix Acrylic Bonding Primer White - Quart Insl-X Stix Acrylic Bonding Primer White - Quart

Hi Lance,

Thanks so much for contacting
We can certainly help you with your project.

Painting glass is difficult because the hard non-porous surface is hard to stick to. Also, paint is not a substitute for glass. No matter what you do the surface will not hold up as well as the glass itself.
That said, you can achieve excellent results painting glass.

First, you need to paint the surface with a special bonding primer first.

We recommend Insl-X Stix which is an excellent product. It bonds better than any other product on the market.

You need to make sure the surface is clean and free from any oils or wax. You could sand the surface to provide more porosity but this isn't required.

After this you can paint the surface with whatever you would like depending on how it will be used. Since you are painting a countertop, I would recommend using a very strong paint.
An epoxy would be the best since it can withstand wear. We offer an acrylic epoxy that can be tinted to the 2066-10 Blue.

It comes in either semi-gloss:

or high-gloss:

If you didn't want to use the epoxy, the next best product would be the Aura Semi-Gloss, but this will not hold up nearly as well and will scratch and scuff mroe quickly as the counter is used.

We hope this helps,

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