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I need to paint prototype plastic parts that are molded in PLA and ABS plastic. I need to order your spray cans in our custom colors and i need to know what to order. Thanks.

Hi, the first thing to do is mail us parts for us to match your colors. Once we receive these we'll give you a call to discuss what you'd like us to do.
Our address is:
MyPerfectColor Color Lab
11 Melanie Lane, #5
East Hanover, NJ 07936
Please be sure to include all your contact information.
The parts should be at least 4 square inches of flat area to give us enough surface area to match against. (the bigger the better)

HI Jason, thanks for the quick response. We use a PMS 2925 color. Unfortunately I don't have the parts yet, i was trying to think ahead and get the paint on order so I can paint them when they come in. Will this be a problem?

No problem. We can easily provide PMS colors if that is what you need.
You can find the colors you need on our site (search for "PMS ####"). From the color page click the blue "select paint" button and the scroll down to the spray paint section. You can choose your sheen as well.

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