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RGB Color

Can paint be blended to match RGB numbers?

not really. RGB is a way to create illuminated colors on a computer monitor and doesn't translate to printed/paint colors which are reflected colors.

If you hold a color up to a cpmputer monitor you'll see it is practically impossible to compare the two ( one is emitting light and the other is reflecting it)

I would recommend finding the color you wNt either from a paint brand, or a Pantone color and then ask for that.

Thanks. I also have three "DuPont Chromabase" numbers; LS0003, LS115, BM468. Can colors be matched to these? If so, how can I get pricing for Cans?

We can likely match the DuPont colors if you can get us a sample. We don't currently have samples for any Chromabase colors on hand.

These are what I would call 'normal' colors (Off White, Light Gray, and Blue), assuming they can be matched, how can I get (even approximate) Spray Can pricing without sending you my only chips?

You can see the pricing here:
We also charge a one-time $75 fee for matching a color.You'd be able to choose flat, low lustre, semi or gloss for the sheen.
If the colors have any metallic then the matching fee is higher.

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