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ceiling color

What color m paint to go with bm smokey taupe?
Please several options. My trim will be a pure white and would like some contrast if i do crown moldings. would like a light ceiling but not pure white

Benjamin Moore™ 983 Smokey Taupe Benjamin Moore™ 983 Smokey Taupe

Thank you for your question. Could you please clarify where this paint will be used and what type of color you're seeking?

Thanks so much,

Color will be in living room ,stairwell and up to and include 2nd floor workroom. Looking for ceiling color to go with BM smokey taupe. I have plenty of leftover BM linen white ceiling paint. I wasn't sure if it would go with the taupe. But looks like it might. I wanted a light color(8ft ceiling eight) but not pure white as the trim.

Thanks for following up with me. I think the Benjamin Moore Linen White would work well with your Smokey Taupe. It's softer than a pure white, so be sure that your have adequate lighting.

For the living room, etc. color, I wasn't sure what type of color you're seeking, or your style, but here are suggestions for colors to sample:

Benjamin Moore Pale Smoke

Benjamin Moore Brushed Aluminum

Benjamin Moore Pittsfield Buff

Benjamin Moore Delaware Putty

I hope that this is helpful,


I have bm shaker beige with bm linen white (ceiling) in room off of LR (in dinette and kitchen) . LR has a close to burgundy color chair with same color in the sofa print which also has some dark green & navy and beige. Would like a neutral color and should be flexible with other rooms. Most flexible neutrals would be best. I particularly like the smokey tuape with the sofa. Would bm linen white be too yellow with the smokey taupe? I just primed the LR ceiling and need to paint the ceiling soon. Are you an interior designer?

Just wanted to let you know I have traditional furnishings with the old SW pure white with raw umber tint (oil). Just looks pure white to me. In the work room I do have an oak desk set.

Benjamin Moore LInen White is a warm white, and Smokey Taupe is a "greige" which is is pretty versatile with warm or cool colors. You really will need to sample the colors together to be sure, as colors vary greatly due to the unique lighting and surfaces in any room. Having white crown molding separating the two colors, will also affect the colors.

The colors I suggested above would be appropriate to consider based on the new info you've provided about your furnishings. Once you have a chance to sample colors, it will lead you in the right direction.

I'm an interior decorator and color expert who loves answering color questions. :)

Hope this helps,

I looked at the color suggestions. Pale smoke looks blue, brushed aluminum not sure of undertones yet, the other too looked to orangy--don't care for orange range for this area.
How would bm white dawn be for the ceiling. I will be going to get some chips today.
Any oth

I meant BM White Down.
Other wall colors I was considering are BM AshenTan (seams to go with the Linen White) and BM Revere Pewter (which some say has a blue or green undertone and which has neither pigment in the formula). On the net others say it has warm undertones. I didn't care for the above colors you had mentioned--not sure of undertones of BM Brushed Aluminum but others were blue or orangy.

If we go to a more white ceiling what whites would you suggest?

I appreciate the time & help people are giving me.
I am still working on my options and open to further suggestions.

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