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Neutral Tan and Green Combos

Hello, We are currently looking for Ben Moore colors for a hallway, stairwell and foyer along with a dining room. It is currently all the same color (I don't know the name--it was there when I moved in) and it is a little too dark and too gold. The floors are a light oak hardwood. My accent colors are black, blue and green throughout. We are in a townhouse with very little natural light. I've picked either Wheeling Neutral or Bleeker Beige for the hall/foyer and Saybrook Sage or Soft Fern for the dining room. My concern is if the colors will work together since the dining room can be seen from the foyer. And, my impression is that Bleeker Beige is a bit too cool, but I am worried Wheeling Neutral will be too yellow. Do you have any thoughts on my choices or can you suggest which tan and which green will work together? Thank you!


Great questions! I'm happy to share my thoughts on your color concerns.

With a light oak floor, yellow can be a concern in any color you choose, as flooring can affect how color appears on the wall. You'll want to sample any colors you're considering, as each home is unique, and colors can appear differently on a wall than online or on a paint strip.

Regarding the beiges:

Benjamin Moore Bleeker Beige is a cooler color, and in some light can even feel a bit pink. You would want to sample it to see how it looks in your space, but putting it near a green could actually bring out more of the pink undertone.

Benjamin Moore Wheeling Neutral is a favorite of mine. It's more of a "greige" and doesn't appear too yellow on its own, but again you'd have to see how it looks in your space. Of the two beiges you're considering, I'd say it pairs more easily with green.

Regarding the greens:

Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage is a sage that can appear much more green than gray, which is not usually the case with a sage color. This can be a deep green in a room without a lot of light. Because it's more of a cool than neutral green, it may not pair as well with a beige, or may be trickier to match.

Benjamin Moore Soft Fern is a muted green that could pair well with a warm or neutral beige. It has a bit more yellow than Saybrook Sage, but that is what makes possibly a better match for beige.

Either of the green colors you're considering could work well, with the right beige. If you feel strongly about a green for the dining room, then finding a beige that works with it will be easier than doing it the other way around.

Here are a few beige colors that are a bit lighter, and may be something to consider, as well:

Benjamin Moore Carrington Beige

Benjamin Moore Abingdon Putty

Thank you for your question,


Thank you so much, Diana. Your advice has given me more confidence and I'll be sure to try samples as you've suggested. I really appreciate your response!

You're welcome! Happy to help.


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