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color match name

How do I get the name of the Ben Moore paint that I matched to the valspar I used. I really don't want to order anything, I just want to go to the store and but it, but I need the name.

AnyColor Paint Sample Pint (16oz) AnyColor Paint Sample Pint (16oz)

Thank you for your question. Could you please provide me with more details? I'm not sure I understand your question. Where did you match the color?

Thanks so much,

Thanks for the reply. I used the color match to find the Ben Moore equivalent to valspars's dew drop. I just want the name of the Ben Moore equivalent so I can but it.

Thank you for your reply. Did you purchase a color conversion service from MyPerfectColor previously? This service has not been offered for several months. I'm still unclear on what method you used to match the color. Could you please provide more details? I'm trying to ascertain if you previously purchased a color conversion from

I'm unable to provide an equivalent color name to take into a store, but of course you can order the Match of Valspar Dew Drop from this site.

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I guess I misunderstood this service. The previous owners of my home used valspars's dew drp in the dining room. I love the color, and want to use it in my office at work. I have always used Ben Moore exclusively, and was just hoping to find the name of the equivalent. I don't need samples. Looks like I will just have to buy the valspar.

Thanks for the clarification. MyPerfectColor does sell Benjamin Moore paint by the gallon, not just the samples you found on the site. There is a Match of Valspar Dew Drop available for purchase through the color page here:, if you'd like to purchase more than a sample.

Hope that helps

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