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Trying to match Dupont Alesta PFK604S9

We are really trying to match Dupont PFK604S9 that is made by Dupont/Alesta and is called Blue Streak II. We did not see this when searching and thought this RAL5005 Signal Blue was the closest based on the screen color. Please contact us if you have something closer to match the Blue Streak II product so we can get our order changed as needed.

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submitting again - unsure if that went through when making an account. I'd like to place an order today if possible, thanks. We purchased a yellow touch up that is working great a few weeks ago.

submitting again - unsure if that went through when making an account. I'd like to place an order today if possible, thanks. We purchased a yellow touch up that is working great a few weeks ago.

Is there a primer required for ABS plastic

Is there a primer required for ABS plastic or any other prep needed?

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I would like to purchase 3 cans of Low lustre Hedrix enamel in Munsell 5PB 5/6

Custom Color

How can I get a custom colored can I have a custom painted vehicle the company went out of business I do not know the color name or code #

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Hi, Thanks for contacting MyPerfectColor. We really don't do automotive finishes. I would recommend you contact a local body shop.

Hi, Thanks for contacting MyPerfectColor. We really don't do automotive finishes. I would recommend you contact a local body shop.

Duron™ 5525N Geode*

Do you have a reseller that would offer reduced pricing as I need to paint a 100' long 5' fence and will probably need 8-10 11oz cans?

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Hi, Thanks for contacting MyPerfectColor. We do offer discounts - they are built into the quantity tiers. Did you see that? The price drops as you increase the quantity.

Is Flat like a Satin finish?

Need to get as close as possiable to my Ranchwood#95183. Base is light#5440.Satin Gloss Latex.IS Flat a match to my Satin?Or is Eggshell a better match to my Satin?You don't carry Satin paint so I need to know which is closest to my Satin.Flat or Eggshell?? Thanks!Linae

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Hi, Thanks for contacting MyPerfectColor.
This is the color you are looking for, correct?

If you go to the color page and click the blue, select paint button you will see the paint choices load on the page. Scroll down to see all of the different paint options. There is a Satin available under the Aura interior paint section.



What is the name of this color? I think the number is p2360.

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Shared photos

charleston bench

Is this the color used on the Charleston benches? Is it ok for a bench in a covered area?

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This paint is not suitable for a bench. It is an interior wall paint and has low durability and little wear/scuff resistance. You need to use something like this:

Sample Paint

Hello, I am looking into purchasing some paint that matches the one already existing on the frame of my house. The only problem is the paint I have there already has semi-gloss paint. Is there any way that you can sell me the sample 4 oz jar with semi-gloss paint instead of just flat?

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Unfortunately the sample jars only come in flat. These are designed to just help decide on a color.

James Hardie Exterior Siding

Our house as James Hardie exterior siding. I do not know the color name but the board is white so I assume it is the Arctic White listed here. The contractor nailed on several boards (for reasons unknown to me) and caulked over the nails. The caulking has become discolored and I need to repaint the boards. The description re: the sample jar states that it is not intended for touch ups. Assuming the sample paint otherwise approximates the color of my boards, can I assume a gallon size of paint will be suitable for repainting the affected boards?

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yes, the sample jar should be close enough to tell you the color. There will be some variation between the sample and the gallon.

Coverage - How much is needed?

How much do I need to cover 2,000 sq. feet? What primer do I need?

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You would need about 7 gallons for 1 coat. The best primer to use depends on the surface ou are painting, but for most surfaces the general purpose fresh start acrylic primer will work fine:
(need 5 gals of primer for 2,000 sf)

Here is the technical data sheet for more detailed information.

Can this go over latex or oil primer

I am need to touch up the frames on my cabinets and wanted to know if this would work over latex or oil primer. Thanks

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It should work over either type of primer. Choose the primer that will stick best on the surface you are painting. be aware that for a true touch up application we'd have to match a part from your actual cabinet. Just ordering the same color may or may not be close enough to work for touch up.

Match 60% gloss on E-coat paint we use (PPG)

I am looking for a paint pen to match a 60% black paint match. We use PPG E-Coat paint. We make the rear seats for GM and there is the area we call the ISO wire that baby seats get connected to and that ISO gets a void in the part from the welding gas burning on to it. The void can 0.500mm and i like to touch that up with a permanent marker at 60%black gloss. I sent a pic of a part that represents a good color in the pic.

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We are sorry we missed this post. We responding via email.

1 can

Am I correctly reading this as $47.99 for ONE can? What happened to the $7.99?

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Yes, one can is $47.99. Much of the work on our end is in making the color and setup. The $7.99 price kicks in on much larger quantities.

Outdoor Shutters

What type of spray paint do you recommend for outdoor shutters? We recently used a brush on color on our existing home that we LOVE and want to use the same color for the shutters on our new home. - Additionally, how many cans would you estimate we would need for 14 shutters?

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The fast dry lacquer works great. Figure about 20-25 sqft per can. Shutters have a lot of surface area,so if the shutter is 1' x 4', then it could be 1.5 to 2x the size so anywhere from 6-8 SqFt. Better to order extra and not run short because it is made in batches and the color may differ slightly between orders.

painting lava rocks

They were red.

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Will this finish match my windows?

The Pella dealer referred to the finish on the windows as Satin - will Low Luster be the same?

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Unfortunately we don't know. There is no standard for what sheen level "satin" is and it varies across manufacturers.

Painting in humid weather and or rain outside

Can I still paint the garage floor with the epoxy coating if it is humid and calling for rain in the afternoon? There is a 1 foot section that will be outside the garage door.

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The paint needs to fully dry before getting exposed to water. Humidity is fine.

Coverage and storage life

I am going to order PMS 555 and would like to know APPROX coverage on primed steel and what the shelf life of UNUSED cans might be

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20-25 SqFt and the shelf life is approximately 18 months.


Can I get the Arborcoat 640 solid stain in "Solitude" AF-545 color? When I try to order, only white can be selected.

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White displays in the drop down when choosing a color because it is very common, but you can just type the "AF-545" and you will see it display.

Here is the link for the stain populated with the color,103529

Difference in lacquer and water-based spray paints

Hi, I'm aiming to spray my wall/vent ceiling covers with a custom color spray paint. They are metal. What is the difference between the lacquer and water-based spray paints? I was planning to purchase the lacquer, but I'm not sure of the difference here. I may also use the paint on my outlet covers.

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You can use either, but the lacquer does spray a little smoother.

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