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Authentic Color - Benjamin Moore colors can only be made in Benjamin Moore paint.

MyPerfectColor makes all colors using authentic Benjamin Moore paint.

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Needing Help


I only see quart & gallon sizes how do I order sample size?

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White interior paint

I like to buy the same paint I used to paint my home. Color Place white 5468.
How can I find this paint, I went to the store to get it, could not find the same and there was no one around to help at the Newburgh,NY store.

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Have sticky paint, does not completely dry.

Paint will not dry on back of chair. remains sticky. Used same paint on two chairs, one sticky the other is not. Used same paint, acrylic, gloss. What do I do.

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According to credit card statement. There are two charges. I never receive the full refund of $73.20 of cancellation order dated Oct. 31, 2014

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Neutrals missing info

Why do so many BM neutrals, e.g. OC12 Muslin, 995 Mocha Cream, 1017 Dusty Road, etc., have no (0%) Hue, Purity, Lightness on this site?

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Apple Candy Paint

In my HGTV magazine they show someone used a apple candy paint and I'm trying to find it with no avail. Please help me find this. Thanks.

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BM colour match for uk

Hi, can you tell me a colour match for BM Old Prairie in the Dulux paint range please?

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Match Paint

Can you match the dark emerald green color of the attached paint code?

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Abingdon Putty

Is this more of a green or a beige? On the sample it looks green, but on my computer it definitely looks more beige or tan.

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Pantone color??

If I give you a pantone color number can you match that?

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Shipping to hawaii

Why was my shipping not free as advertised?

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could you match a stain color?

I'm in a jamb with my kitchen cabinets, tried to cover up Golden Oak stain with a darker stain and all kinds of problems, streaking, blotching etc. Do you try to match stains (colors) and in a spray stain and could I put it over already stained and varnished cabinets? prefer an oil based stain.

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I am trying to find liberty red paint by ICI # 3DYR o7/354 can you help with this color?

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System help

Have tried for a few days, message keeps saying system not responding, try again

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Color conversion

What benjamin moore color is the same as finnaren and haley "Indian painting?

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Behr PPU19-18


Can you provide Hendrix spray low luster lacquer in Behr PPU18-19 Intellectual?


Dave Lyndon

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Behr 18-19

Can you match Behr 18-19 Intellectual in Hedrix low luster lacquer spray cans?

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mexican tea AND....

looking for equivalent of Mexican tea in BM. Should be fine. But looking for neutral colours to coordinate in hallways ( they are dark) as they connect to mex tea room. this is family room. suggestions for paint schemes just so appreciated.... Hallways connect to entrance area - also low light. Flooring Mannington brownish tones and hallway carpet will be
beige- greyish. Thank you.

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Looking for paint with specific pigments

Will you please tell me which of your indoor water-based paints use the pigment PV19, quinacridone violet? Thank you.

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color code

what is the color codes for 2538 snow mist?

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On-screen and printed color representations may vary from actual paint colors. The actual paint color will also vary depending on the specific paint product, application method, gloss level, film variance, surface substrate, and light source. Please note that due to the small size of paint samples, the potential variation of colors received is increased.