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Authentic Color - Benjamin Moore colors can only be made in Benjamin Moore paint.

MyPerfectColor makes all colors using authentic Benjamin Moore paint.

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Needing Help

Need color ideas

I need color combination for my living room here i attached my living room image please recommend me one bright color combination

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Benjamin Moore Waterbury Cream HC31

is similar or equal to what Behr paint?

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Benjamin Moore Bar Harbor

Anyone know what BM Bar Harbor paint equals or similar to in Behr paints?

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Similar or Equal to

Does anyone know what Behr paint is similar or equal to Benjamin Moore HC-73 Plymouth Brown?

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Similar or Equal to

Can anyone tell me what Benjamin Moore 2102-20 Pumpernickel is similar or equal to in Behr Paints?

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azure jazz

I would like azure jazz paint samplr

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2003 4a brushed rose spray paint valspar

Need this paint cant find it anywhere. HELP.

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Victorian Sage N042..Dutch Boy

Hi...i am looking to get a small amount of this for some touch up work. I am not seeing where I can order just a small amount...I am looking for a satin finish. Thank you.

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PMS 158C


I am looking to purchase three bottles of PMS 158C Orange in 1/2 ounce or 1 oz size. Is this too small of a quantity to purchase?



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Silver Satin 856 benjamin moore

Hello I have a question I looking to repaint my house a nice lite gray .
I saw this color online silver satin by BM has anyone ever used this color ?

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Touch up needs

I need to figure out how to acquire about a quart of the Martha Stewart E16 Corn Silk paint for a touch up project in my home. We used this color in our dining room and hallway.

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copper paint/glaze

need help determining the best product/products to paint a interior house ceiling a metallic copper color.(We calculated 4-5 gallons would be needed to cover the area.) We are looking for a color/finish that would be similar to a copper metallic spray paint (like Rustoleum). I am unsure whether a one step paint would work or if a two step is needed. I was looking at your copper glaze (Benjamin Moore), but really have no idea if this would work and what base would be needed to achieve the look desired. Any suggestions would be appreciated. And if you're wondering, no, I am not painting my ceiling this color, this is for my sister who has questionable taste. I have not been able to find this color in our area. The local Glidden dealer suggested looking on line. At one time Martha Stewart carried this color, allegedly.

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Is it possible to buy your paint in London?
I would like a sample of sunset snow in emulsion .
Thank you

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Color Match

I would like to match Pantone Tangerine Tango 17-1463. Can this be made? Thanks!

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can i get sample of hooked rug green in gloss?

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I only see quart & gallon sizes how do I order sample size?

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White interior paint

I like to buy the same paint I used to paint my home. Color Place white 5468.
How can I find this paint, I went to the store to get it, could not find the same and there was no one around to help at the Newburgh,NY store.

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Have sticky paint, does not completely dry.

Paint will not dry on back of chair. remains sticky. Used same paint on two chairs, one sticky the other is not. Used same paint, acrylic, gloss. What do I do.

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According to credit card statement. There are two charges. I never receive the full refund of $73.20 of cancellation order dated Oct. 31, 2014

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Neutrals missing info

Why do so many BM neutrals, e.g. OC12 Muslin, 995 Mocha Cream, 1017 Dusty Road, etc., have no (0%) Hue, Purity, Lightness on this site?

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