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Authentic Color - Benjamin Moore colors can only be made in Benjamin Moore paint.

MyPerfectColor makes all colors using authentic Benjamin Moore paint.

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Match of Dunn Edwards™ 836 Swiss Coffee *

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 Color match of Dunn Edwards 836 Swiss Coffee*
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Susal recommends Dunn Edwards™ 836 Swiss Coffee*  to go with Dunn Edwards™ DE5330 Biscuit*

Actually, I recommend Biscuit to go with Swiss Coffee. I think any color would work, with it, though.

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Susal recommends Dunn Edwards™ 836 Swiss Coffee*  to go with Dunn Edwards™ 836 Swiss Coffee*

About Swiss Coffee, my painter said, "Trust me, this is the best white trim - it goes with everything." He was right - we were able to use it throughout the house (trim and doors in semi-gloss for easy cleaning) and on the ceilings (flat). The color-swatch looks a little bland, but it's really just a soft, subtle and comfortable color. My walls are Dunn-Edwards' Biscuit, which is kind of a deep vanilla color in the gold spectrum. The colors really complement one another nicely!

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Actually, I recommend Biscuit to go with Swiss Coffee, but I think any color would work, and it looks great on the walls as a main color, too, if you want white walls.

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Apr 17 2014,14:19


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do you have a color that has a different name on one of the newer color charts?

Apr 17 2014,10:54


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Apr 17 2014,09:40

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