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The Perfect Peach Paint

I would like to tell you the story of the perfect peach paint color. After Mr. Wonderful and I were married here in Southern California, we took off to Las Vegas for a stand-in honeymoon. You see, I requested Carpi, Italy- but since my husband was finishing his last year of his undergraduate accountancy degree, we couldn’t take the time to go international in October (the month of our wedding, of course). So, he booked us the next best thing to Italy in the United States- a suite at the Venetian in Las Vegas.

After the huge production that started at sunrise, a whirlwind of friends and family, a fantastic wedding and reception and a four hour car drive spent talking about our memorable day- you think I would have been too exhausted to think about interior design, right? Wrong. After checking in, the first thing I noticed when we got to our house-sized digs was the paint color in the bedroom. There I was, a young bride in a gorgeous hand-beaded gown, on my wedding night, basking in the glow of the peach paint- inspecting it, turning the lights off and on to see how the color changed, and marveling that I was falling in love with peach- of all colors!

I fell hard for what I like to call Venetian Peach. And that’s coming from a girl that grew up in the eighties, where the wrong shade of peach mixed with sea foam green left a sour impression on me. Not a day went by that I didn’t comment on the peach in the bedroom.

I started having all these sentimental fantasies that I would paint our bedroom in our first house this lovely shade of Venetian Peach- undoubted, I would have the best back-story to my (future) bedroom paint color. It got to the point where Mr. Wonderful told me I should just ask the concierge if they could tell me the color so I could forget about it.

During that stay, I decided that peach was the most flattering color for a bedroom. Its not pink and its not boring beige. Its sort of gender neutral, at least its more gender neutral than pink would be. Most importantly, it just makes everything glow. Peach really works magic on skin tones. And the light in a peach room is warm, lovely and soft.

I made up my mind that I would schmooze with the concierge before we left. The Venetian is a world-class hotel- I was sure they would find me the paint color if I asked. Mr.Wonderful said only I would do this, and on our makeshift honeymoon to boot! Imagine our serendipitous timing when we checked out a few hours earlier than normal on our last day…the painters were in the suite next door! I couldn’t help but think it was meant to be! I poked my head in and coyly asked if they could tell me the paint color.

One of the painters literally stopped what he was doing and trotted over to the paint bucket. It was unmarked (well- the brand was marked, but that’s it!). He told me he was sorry, the color was not listed. Then, as if a light bulb went off in his head, he ran over to his spraying shield (a card board box) and cut off a piece of the board. He then made me a paint swatch out of the paint! I just about died. Here, in my hand, I had the most beautiful paint color in the world. I couldn’t believe he did this for me- I was just giddy. All the while, Mr. Wonderful just stood there- holding our bags, shaking his head with a half-smile in disbelief, “Is my wife really doing this right now?”.

That is the story of the perfect peach paint color. And now, here are the best matching Benjamin Moore equivalents to my keepsake paint swatch. I always recommend testing paint colors in your space. Click here to order small samples for testing.


Winter Melon 093

delicate-peachDelicate Peach 120

florida-seashellsFlorida Seashells 128

3 comments to The Perfect Peach Paint

  • elaine levine

    what color paint would you suggest for a small kitchen w/taupe formica cabinets granite grey/black countertops, light colored ceramic taupe flooring?

  • Hi Elaine-

    Thanks for reading! I would recommend pulling a gray from the granite, or a taupe that goes with your flooring or cabinets. “Taupe” is a very ambiguous color…it can have a base color of just about anything! Green, purple, brown, orange…so it would really help to see the taupe in question. My best suggestion is to invest in a fan deck in order to see all the options available to you. Move through different sections of the deck and hold the colors against your granite and formica. Some of the colors will be a natural “blend” or match to your existing surfaces. Then, test a few of the colors on the wall to determine the color that best suits your space. Good luck!

  • Meg

    Hi – I am having my house painted and right now it is a very light peach with white trim. It’s a cape cod style in a historic district, think Hansel and Gretel. I’d like the peach to stand out just a little bit more. Would you recommend any of these peach colors for an exterior paint?

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