April 2016
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What is Paint Sheen and How Should I Choose? (and more answers to great questions.)

In a recent blog post, I tackled the questions: “Does trim have to be white?”  and “How do I choose a wall to accent with paint?”  If you missed that post, you can find it here:  But choosing paint can also be about more than color. Today I’m addressing a more basic paint question, and […]

Radiant Orchid – Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year (and how to use it.)

Pantone Color Institute® has delivered another exciting color choice with their Color of the Year for 2014.  Radiant Orchid is a vibrant, fun, and energized color, in contrast to last year’s more formal jewel tone, Emerald. Both colors are bold, but in their own way. In Pantone Color Institute’s press release, Radiant Orchid was heralded for […]

Does This Paint Make My Room Look Big?

When you’re choosing paint color for a room, a question you’ll most likely have is about how the color will relate to the size of the room.  This is a very common question I answer when helping people choose paint color.  The conventional wisdom is that if your room is smaller, then use a lighter […]

Themes and Color Ideas for a Modern Moorish Interior

The Moors came from Africa and established a kingdom in southern Spain. Mainly of Arabic and Berber descent, their cultural designs have inspired designers centuries later. The mystery and romance of the Arabian Nights and the splendid palaces, arches and furnishings seen in museums and buildings throughout the Mediterranean world, still lend themselves to Moorish […]

What’s the paint color used on that TV Show?

We often get requests from people wanting to know the specific color used on a TV show, movie or magazine set. If you’ve ever tried to figure something like this out, it can be a frustrating experience. Here are some suggestions to find what that elusive color.

How to paint and save your marriage in three easy steps…

Steeler Yellow Victoria’s Secret Pink Have any one of you ever had to survive the long, tedious process of paint color selection? Add to that having to pick a color both you and the spouse have to agree upon? Ahhh so you know what i’m talking about then, right? (long sigh) Well then lets talk. […]

Where to Start When Choosing Paint Colors

You are about to start a new project and you need to pick paint colors. This blog will give you some ideas for how to find colors you will love. Selecting the right paint color can be difficult and frustrating. Paint colors look different under different lighting conditions and in different design environments. And the […]

Tips for Choosing Yellow Paint Colors

Yellows are probably the most difficult paint colors to get right. This is because they become much more intense on the wall than they appear on the little 1-inch square paint chip. So if you are trying to select the right yellow for a room in your home, you are basically shooting at a moving […]