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Seasonal Color Trends for 2014

The world of fashion and interior design revolves around their yearly color forecasts. Companies, designers, and color think-tanks, provide their best ideas as to where color is headed for the next year. More than a guess, these forecasts also hope to influence the consumer product industry, and create a trend of their own. The forecasters read the mood of the general public, the state of the economy, and even pop culture, to create a guide or even a prediction for the next BIG color palette.

While many of the color forecasts apply directly to consumer products, like fashion and decor, the paint industry is also deeply involved in color forecasting for a new year. The paint color forecasts are often told as stories, with colors more apropos to wall colors and accents, and really more accessible to the average homeowner or painting professional.

In working with color every day, and especially having a dialogue with paint color consumers daily, I can sense the mood and tastes as they evolve each year. From that vantage point, I see 2014 is a year for cautious optimism as the global mood lifts in many areas. There is also a greater focus on mindfulness, slowing down, and softening the effects of extreme technology in our lives. A consensus among designers and forecasters show a softening of color, while still being bright and hopeful. Gray continues to be a strong player in the neutral scene, though gray-beige (greige) marries the timeless beige with the trendy gray, and works well with the new soft color palettes.


Here are my own 2014 Color Trends, as told through seasonal inspiration for the new year:


Winter 2014

Like soft winter light, these muted colors relax and comfort as we move indoors. With an absence of color outside our homes, the Winter 2014 colors need only whisper their hue, not overwhelm.


Paint Colors for 2014


Spring 2014

From the frozen ground, a tiny green stem emerges. Soon the soft light of winter is replaced by brightening skies, and fresh colors. After a winter nap, the Spring 2014 colors wake us up gently, but happily. This is the season of optimism and growth.


Benjamin Moore paint colors for spring 2014


Summer 2014

Summer sun illuminates everything around us. The fresh spring colors are replaced with playful and intense colors that remind us to play and have fun. The ocean beckons with its aqua hues, as we sit on the sand looking outward. Summer 2014 colors are playful and easy to live with.


Benjamin Moore paint colors for summer 2014


Autumn 2014

The light outside warms and again softens as we think of family and friends in the receding days of Autumn. The trees, produce, and their colors, reflect the warmth of our feelings as we gather with loved ones. Autumn 2014 reflects the depth of our lives, as we reflect on the past year.


Benjamin Moore paint palette for autumn 2014


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