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Nursery Color Combinations, Part I

Pink for a girl. Blue for a boy. Yellow for gender neutrality. These are the typical “go-to” conventional colors for a nursery. When it comes to this room, breaking the color mold requires a shift in the color wheel. Its easier than you may think to do something a little unexpected, and a lot more contemporary, with nursery color palettes.

In this three-part series, we will explore updated options for gender neutral schemes, baby boy schemes and baby girl schemes. We will start with gender neutral schemes. *Please note that best viewing for color is the actual sample- either the color card, fan deck or paint sample. Monitors do not color render with 100% accuracy. If any of these colors seem “off” to you- check out a real sample. These colors were selected with Benjamin Moore’s “Classic Colors” fan deck*

By far, the most popular gender neutral color for a nursery is yellow. If you would like to use yellow as a starting point, consider a fresh palette of butter yellow, dove gray and crisp white. This palette can truly stand on its own as either “boy” or “girl” and requires no other accent color additions once baby arrives. Just be mindful of the types of prints, patterns and motifs you choose for the bedding and upholstery fabrics. Stripes and graphics will lean more male, and floral patterns will lean more female.


Sunny Side Up + Coastal Fog

There are other colors you can start with as a suitable gender neutral base. Once baby arrives, you can easily add one accent color to skew the room more boy or girl. You can do this with blankets, wall art, pillows, and accessories. You don’t have to wait until the birth to do the room….just add to the foundation you already created.

The second most popular gender neutral color is green. A soothing shade of sage green coupled with a “gender accurate” color work for both girl and boy.

For a girl, start with sage green and add light pink or lavender and white.


Mesquite + Mauve Hint


Mesquite + Easter Ribbon

For a boy, start with sage green and add brown or tan.


Mesquite + Firewood


Mesquite + Monroe Bisque

Orange. Its gutsy. And its also gender neutral.

For a girl, start with a tonal orange and add soft pink or fuchsia.


Glowing Apricot + Coral Buff


Glowing Apricot + Secret Rendezvous

For a boy, start with tonal orange and add dusty blue or gray.


Glowing Apricot + Brittany Blue


Glowing Apricot + Revere Pewter

Lastly, a truly versatile option for the less gutsy….beige. It may sound boring, but combining beige with classic light pink or classic light blue will never fail.


Antique Parchment + Ballet Slippers


Antique Parchment + Polar Sky

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