April 2016
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I’ve Got The Summertime Blues…

Well, not really. I’m actually pretty psyched its time for those lazy, hazy days of summer. As the design enthusiast that I am, I feel the impact seasons have on color and mood. For now, I wanted to talk about the biggest color trend going on (well, in MY showroom) which is those delicious chocolate browns paired up with serene blues and soft, french pinks. In the dead of winter I was seeing the browns going deeper and the blues and pinks a little darker. For example- Benjamin Moore‘s Clinton Brown HC-67 with Charlotte Slate AC-24
Benjamin Moore HC-67 Clinton Brown at MyPerfectColorBenjamin Moore AC-24 Charlotte Slate at MyPerfectColor

or Middlebury Brown HC-68 with Rosewood 2082-40
Benjamin Moore HC-68 Middlebury Brown at MyPerfectColorBenjamin Moore 2082-40 Rosewood at MyPerfectColor

were colors people were surrounding themselves in. Like a blanket for your walls, they felt warm and cozy and you wanted to just surround yourself in that color.

But as time would have it, the season changed and so have the moods of my clients. It seems the approaching summer has prompted their blanket to be replaced with walls that make them feel like they are on the sand or splashing in the ocean. They are looking for Benjamin Moore’s Berkshire Beige AC-2 with Smoke 2122-40

Benjamin Moore AC-2 Berkshire Beige at MyPerfectColorBenjamin Moore 2122-40 Smoke at MyPerfectColor

Or if a casual stroll past the Eiffel tower is what they want to daydream about this summer they may ask for that romantic pink

Pink Innocence 2082-60 with Pismo Dunes AC-32

Benjamin Moore 2082-60 Pink Innocence at MyPerfectColorBenjamin Moore AC-32 Pismo Dunes at MyPerfectColor

If you are like me, and a jaunt to Europe or a holiday in Fiji isn’t in your future, then lets all just create summertime vacations with our walls. After all, there’s no place like home.

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