May 2016
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How to Apply the New Benjamin Moore Aura Paint

The new Benjamin Moore Aura dries fast. It can be recoated in only one hour and therefore needs to be applied a little differently.

The biggest difference when painting with the new Benjamin Moore Aura is that you paint around the trim (cut-in) for the whole room with a paint brush first, and then go back to paint the rest of the wall with a paint roller. Paints other than Aura require that you cut-in and roll simultaneously to get the roller texture onto wherever you cut-in quickly before it dries. If you don’t do this you’ll often see the border around your room due to the textural differences between and paint brush and paint roller. This is not so with Benjamin Moore Aura Paint, the cut-in and rolled paint blend nicely, but because the paint dries quickly you need to let the cut-in area dry before rolling over it.

The next difference with Aura is to work in a smaller area at a time. You roll outward concentrically from a spot on the wall. Just don’t go as far as you expand the area. The popint is that you just don’t want to roll over the paint once it starts to dry. You are better off leaving it alone to dry and just fix anything you miss on the second coat.

And finally, don’t roll the paint too thin. The Benjamin Moore Aura paint covers with any color in no more than two coats, but because of its fantastic coverage, it is easy to spread the paint too far. Once spread too far, the paint loses its covering capabilities. Just spread the paint to what feels natural and stop there.

For more detailed information about Benjamin Moore Aura Paint Application Techniques, click here.

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