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A Room With A Mood…

Why is it that it is so hard to create a room in your own home that is reminiscent of a dream-room you have seen in either a showroom, friends house, magazine, movie, etc…? We often know what we like, what makes us feel at ease and in love with a certain room that we encounter, however, it always seems difficult to re-create that in our own environment.

I always tend to start with a few points and build from there. First, I always ask my clients “How do you want this room to FEEL?”. By that I mean, do you want cozy? Library like? Sleek? Sophisticated? Understated elegance? Comfortable? Vibrant? Serene? Etc…. That alone starts the process of what colors, lighting and materials we should use. For example. If you are creating a home office, do you want it to be relaxing and serene-almost Shakespearean library-ish? For that we would use deep, rich woods with carvings and maybe muted, vast greens like
Benjamin Moore AF-480 Boreal Forest at MyPerfectColor
Benjamin Moore’s Boreal Forest AF-480 and trim it out with a warm, comforting tan like
Benjamin Moore AF-110 Coriander Seed at MyPerfectColor
Benjamin Moore’s Coriander Seed AF-110. Use uplights with rubbed bronzed finishes for the majority of lighting and reading lamps placed by over-sized club chairs with soft pillows and fabrics and warm blankets and this will set the mood for that home library meets Shakespeare feel. Second, I ask “Do you prefer deep or lighter colors?”. This will help to determine the intensity of the color in your room and the role that color will play in your design plan. Third I ask “What in the room do you want to accentuate (for example a beautiful rug or painting? Or perhaps the fabrics on the windows or the material on the furniture?)”. That is how we determine the color palette-good design always has a central source, or one thing or pattern that the paint and everything surrounding it will make look even better!
Stick with this plan and be creative and soon you’ll have your dream room come to life. For more design advice or for a personal, professional design consult visit us at myperfectcolor.com!

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