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Color Accuracy

Calibrate Your Monitor for Best Color Viewing 

Myperfectcolor does its best to display accurate colors online, but the simple fact remains that on-screen color representations may vary from actual paint colors. This is due to a variety of factors, not least would be that the online color is not the actual paint, it is just a computer representation of the paint color. And every single computer monitor will display these colors differently. 

Regardless, the paint or paint samples you buy online from will match the actual paint chips. The online color pictures are there simply for reference.

That said, there is a fairly easy way to calibrate your monitor to improve the way colors display on your computer monitor. If you have an actual paint chip of a color that is also available for viewing on the website, then  you are in business.


Step 1: Find the color on the website and navigate to the color page.

Step 2: compare the color of your paint chip to the color on the screen

Step 3: make adjustments to your monitor settings (e.g. Adjust the Red, Green and Blue hue settings) until the colors match.


Your monitor should be calibrated. You can test this by viewing another paint chip against the monitor if you have one.

The online color will still not be as good as the actual paint chip, but at least you will have a better sense of what the actual color will look like.

Remember-- the paint or paint samples you buy online from will match the original paint color chips. The online color pictures are there simply for reference.

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What type of paint are the colors made with?

MyPerfectColor uses Benjamin Moore paints to create or match any color imaginable. Myperfectcolor has matched the colors on based on the color specifications of the originals. Select a color to see MyPerfectColor duplication of the colors you desire. Please note that since the paint used to match these colors is Benjamin Moore, the finish of the paint may vary from the original. Please note that MyPerfectColor is not offering the actual branded colors or paint product for sale and has no affiliation with the color-referenced brands. MyPerfectColor reference to any trademark is for color comparison only. 

The Anycolor® Paint Sample Minicans are made with a low-grade flat paint. These are perfect for testing colors because the color is accurate and it keeps the price low. However, the sample-sized cans are not suitable for the actual painting project or for touching up. 

Premium grade Benjamin Moore paint is available in gallons and quarts in a variety of finishes such as matte, eggshell and satin. Any color is available in any of the premium Benjamin Moore paint. You can choose the type of finish and container size from the drop-down menu that is available on every color page. 


Will the sample color be accurate?

Colors images displayed on the website show approximate color only and are not intended to show exact paint color. Variations in monitors and monitor calibrations will affect the display of colors on the website.  

Benjamin Moore color formulations are prepared by Benjamin Moore.  Color formulations for non-Benjamin Moore color formulations are calculated matches based on color paint chips (fandecks) from the original manufacturer of the color. Since all color chips are affected by age, light, heat, and mechanical coating processes, paint color chips may vary slightly in color, or finish from the actual paint in the container. Depending on clarity and depth of color, some colors may require multiple coats.

Myperfectcolor limits its responsibility to the value of the paint sample can and will only replace or refund the sample can in the event of a mistake or extreme variation in color. We recommend that once you decide on the color based on the paint color sample, that you bring the paint sample can with you to your local paint store and ask them to give you the color in the can. If you simply ask for the paint based on the paint color name, then due to the potential for variation as explained above, you may end up with a color that is slightly different than your paint color sample. Please always double check your paint colors before painting.

What could happen:

You buy a paint color sample from and you love the color. You tell your painting contractor that you want him to paint your whole house with the particular color and you only provide him/her with the name. The painting contractor buys the paint from a local paint store and then paints your whole house while you are on vacation. You return home to find that it is slightly different from the paint color sample you tested and you do not love it. This is simply the nature of the paint business which is not exact. There is always some variation; sometimes more and sometimes less. Different paint companies tint the paint with different machinery, different colorant systems and different paint. While most of the time the variation is so slight that it will not matter, you do not want to take any chances. Simply give the paint sample can to the contractor, or if buying the paint yourself, bring it along with you to your local paint store. Ask them to match the color for you and any potential problem is completely averted. The final result will still be slightly different due to a different finish, but it will not be enough to worry about. will not accept any responsibility for any differences between the paint color sample and paint bought at a local paint store. In the event of a mistake or an extreme difference in color, limits its responsiblity to the value of the paint sample can.